Flipkart Account Management Services

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How to Manage Flipkart Account?

Flipkart Seller Account Management involves a number of tasks that are mentioned as follows

  • Setting up Flipkart account
  • Registering your brand
  • Product listing
  • Optimizing your list for Flipkart search engine
  • Inventory management
  • Order Management
  • Advertisement Management
  • Marketing services
  • Customer Support and a lot more

We help our clients meet their Flipkart sales goals.

We list your products on Flipkart, We create unique listings, We prepare effective ad campaigns, We choose a strategy to meet your needs, We deliver prompt customer service, We provide full onboarding.

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How Do We Help You Succeed?

Paid Search (Advertising)

We prepare effective ad campaigns, Our marketing campaigns provide a high return on investment, as we aim to keep the Advertising Cost of Sales ratio at 10–20%. We choose which kind of campaign to launch depending on the type of business, products and chosen markets. Maximizing conversions will increase your brand recognition and, in turn, bring in regular customers eager to come back and buy your items.


Sell on the World's Largest Marketplace

Sales Support & Promotional Planning

As a leading agency, we help already-established 
e-commerce businesses, recognized brands, new brands, and those that just have a passion for selling.

  • Accelerate Sales Growth

  • Optimize Operations

  • Maximize Profitability

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Why Flipkart's PLA?

With Product Listing Ads, you can ensure your product is displayed on the top slot when a customer searches for any product in the same category on Flipkart. It helps you put the spotlight on your products and aids in boosting sales.


CPC & SmartROI campaigns


New on PCA

With Product Contextual Ads, showcase the product collection to customers with relevant intent. Now, Visibility meets performance.

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